Base Prices

These are base commission prices, please keep in mind that commissions may not always be open so keep an eye out on our social media pages for openings. Want to be first in line for a commission? join our Patreon and get first dibs on openings.

Telegram Stickers

We offer Telegram sticker, prices based off individual headshots, torso or full bodies. 

– There’s no limit to how much stickers you can get. Please note though, that the turnaround time may vary depending on the amount.
– Any gender, any species, feral or anthro
– You can ask for any expressions you want, including actions
– SFW and NSFW
– You can ask for different characters to be drawn, you don’t have to limit yourself on only one!
– You will see sketches of each expression before I start working on them to make sure you like it
– One character per each sticker. If you want a couple/group sticker, the amount of stickers you get will decrease (so 2 characters on one stickers count as 2 stickers, 3 characters counts as 3 stickers, etc.)


One sticker: $20
Pack of 3 stickers: $60
Pack of 5 stickers: $95 ($19)
Pack of 7: $130 ($18.5)
Pack of 10: $175 ($17.5)
Pack of 15: $250 ($16.66)
Pack of 20: $300 ($15)
Add more $15 each


**Prices for headshots, +$3/ech for torso, +$6/ech Full body or +$15 Full*
*Can mix and match*
💗Packs with 10 or more include 1 full & no extra for torsos💗
🌟Packs with 15 or more include 2 fulls🌟

🌟Packs with 20 or more stickers include 3 fulls🌟


Sent me a personal message with following informations:
– Reference(s) of character(s)
– Desired expressions/actions
– How many you desire, headshot/torso/fullbody?
– Any additional details?


We Also Offer Full References for custom mascots, Characters and/or Fursonas.


Basic 2 View: $200

Basic NSFW: $210



+$40 Head shots views (up to 4)

+$25 Specific Designs (ie Arm, leg, Tattoos) or Separate Items (ie clothing or meaningful items)

+$65 Chibi pose (up to 2)

+$75 Full Body Pose (up to 4) NSFW $55

+$25/$35 Copy pose wearing Cloths/Armor (up to 2)

+$5 Transform Badge – Turn Headshot(s) or chibi into a badge (No limit)



BRONZE: $270 – Basic 2 Views, 2 Head Shots, & 1 Chibi *Save $15*

SILVER: $300 – Basic 2 Views, 2 Head Shots, 1 Full Body, & 1 Chibi *Save $40*

GOLD: $375 – Basic 2 Views, 3 Head Shots, 2 Full Body, & 2 Chibi *Save $65* 

PLATINUM: $400 Basic 2 View, 4 Head Shots, 3 Full Body, 2 Chibi, 1 Copy Pose,1 Specific Design, & 2 Transform Badges *Save $80