NekoRaveWolf (or NRW for short) is mainly focused on artworks with a separate section for NRW Suits dedicated to Fursuit making, bringing customers personalized characters to full view, and even to life. This can rather be in a cute, adorable Chibi drawing playing with butterflies, or a detailed pose chilling at a bar. Our mascot is our beloved Galaxy Raptor! He doesn’t quite have a name yet, but you can suggest one if we like it enough it may be his official name in the future!

Galaxy Raptor ready for some doodling!

Nyx Dagrun is the heart of NekoRaveWolf, drawing since he was little, now running a drawing business online since 2009, and building Fursuits since 2013.  He draws in many styles, ranging from Chibi to full Detailed, from sketches to finished pieces, from black & white to full color. Luna helps assist with the website and design. NA Creations is also one of our artists here and there with a couple items and also occasionally helps out where they can.

We are currently based out of North Carolina and make yearly trips out to Georgia for Furry Weekend Atlanta, Pennsylvania for Anthrocon and now Illinois for Midwest Furfest. We also do smaller Anime, Comic-Cons and Furry conventions as Dealers selling at tables. After 2019 we have taken to larger events such as Repticon (Reptile Expo) as well as Queen City Anime Con and Galaxy Con. Check out our calendar for upcoming possible events. Look around our website and if you have any comments, concerns, or questions, please feel free to contact us. Please enjoy our page, we look forward to serving you all. Have a great day!